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Being a 12 in “Cardinal Country”

So many people often ask me how can I be a Seahawks fan, also known as 12s or 12th man and also live in Arizona. They ask how come I am not an Arizona Cardinals Fan, whose fans are known as “The Bird Gang.”

Seahawks, Seattle, Retro, Vintage, Frisbee

Mom and Dad gave me a frisbee similar to this on Christmas as a child, except mine had the words “Seattle” above, and “Seahawks” on the bottom.

To get that answer, one must rewind back in time. One of my earliest recollections of the Christmas holiday was when I was about a little kid about 6 or 7. That year I had so desperately wanted a Gobots or Voltron toy for Christmas. I wanted to be coolest kid on the block by having one of those. Instead, I was given a white pearly Frisbee with a silver Seattle Seahawks logo in the center of it.   The logo was a bird made of blue and green. The Frisbee wasn’t a cool Voltron robot that I so badly wanted, maybe my parents couldn’t give me much at the time, but it was probably at that time  that I became a Seahawks fan. I was a semi-fan of the Miami Dolphins, probably because my own father was a fan of Dan Marino and I always wanted to make Papa proud! As I went on to grade school, my school classmates, well they were Cowboys, Raiders, and 49ers fans. Phoenix did not have a team yet.  So I rooted semi for both the Hawks and Dolphins.

So my memories at the Seahawks at that time? I had plenty! Kenny Easley was the 1st player I remember from the Seahawks. He was a safety and was #45. Oh does Brian Bosworth name ring a bell? He signed a 10-year $11 million rookie contract. I clearly remember that. Anyways, some guy named Bo Jackson on Monday Night Football embarrassed him on a 90+ yard touchdown run, as Bo ran in to the locker room tunnel. I didn’t mind because Bo Jackson also played Major League Baseball and he embarrassed everyone in both sports, but I especially Bosworth, because “The Boz” as he was known, kept saying how much he was going to contain Bo Jackson. Oh, the fans nicknamed them the Seattle Sea-scabs because of a player strike shorten season.

Other players bring me memories who bring some memories back were Cortez Kennedy, Rick Mierer, David Krieg, Joey Gallowway,  I remember the Seahawks drafting Mark McGuire’s tall 6 foot 8 inch tall brother, Dan McGuire. My friends and I still get a chuckle every so often when we mention that him.

The 1992 team? Oh, that was brutal. Only 2 wins! They played a Monday Night Football game that year in Seattle and won in overtime. 14 losses that year! Oh yeah, the Seahawks beat the Phoenix Cardinals that year in Tempe as well. The Seahawks wouldn’t be back on Monday Night Football till 1999, and Monday Night Football would not return to Seattle till 10 years later in 2002. Tough times because everyone at school tuned in to Monday Night Football no matter who your team was, but sometimes I felt alone knowing my team was not being shown on tv. When the Seahawks won their first Super Bowl I thought a lot about that 1992 team. I remember being taunted and made fun of at school. In school, people still liked all those other teams, the 49ers, the Raiders, The Cowboys. If you didn’t have a starter jacket with one of those teams, you weren’t cool.

This was the typical fan base every week at Tempe Sun Devil Stadium when they were the Phoenix Cardinals.. It has taken time for Arizona to grow its fan base, maybe because "many" fans weren't even born in the late 80s. Regardless, I stay true to the Seahawks.

This was the typical fan base every week at Tempe Sun Devil Stadium when they were the Phoenix Cardinals.. It has taken time for Arizona to grow its fan base, maybe because “many” fans weren’t even born in the late 80s. Regardless, I stay true to the Seahawks.

Somewhere in those years, Phoenix got a team going through an identity crisis.They were named the Phoenix Cardinals, played in the NFC East, and played in Tempe Arizona. I remember going to one game in a half empty stadium. I only went to that game because an AFC team was playing an NFC. My dad wanted to see Dan Marino and the Miami Dolphins. I stopped watching professional football around then, I had fallen in love with baseball. Actually baseball had always been my first love, but I still remembered my Seahawks from Seattle from time to time and watched them play whenever they came out on TV. Later the Phoenix Cardinals would become the Arizona Cardinals and move to Glendale. I told you they went through and identity crisis. Glendale already had a Cardinals team though, The Glendale High School Cardinals, the high school I went too.

I remember several days after my 18th birthday, in December 1998, watching on tv a fake TD by Vinny Testaverde and getting robbed of a playoff spot by The Jets. This brought back the instant replay because of this incident. Oh, can’t forget the logo being updated in 2002, then to be updated again 10 years later.

I had a lot of fun ragging on my brother in law team, the Cowboys, when Tomy Romo botched that extra point snap giving us the win in the playoffs in 2006

I remember losing Super Bowl XL against the Steelers, and the Refs. In fact, NFL has named that calls of that game being #8 of the Top 10 controversial calls ever, by refs.  Four years later, the referee Bill Leavy admitted and apologized to Seattle for messing up several calls during that game. Thanks Leavy, it was only the biggest game yet to Seattle. I think the biggest controversial call though was in 2012 when replacement refs were being used, Seattle was playing Green Bay in Seattle and Russell Wilson threw what many now refer to as called a “Fail Mary” ! Both Green Bay’s Jennings and Golden Tate from the Seahawks caught the ball in the air, was it a touchdown or interception? The call went towards Seattle and the refs rushed out of the stadium. Ha, the refs owed The Seahawks one and it seems to give them that one. I think though, had the game been in Green Bay the call would have gone the other way. No way were the refs getting out of Seattle alive if they didn’t side with The Seahawks on that call.

Later that year, The Seahawks played the Cardinals in what was supposed to be a bird fight. The Seahawks won 58-0 which was the biggest margin of victory in Seahawks franchise history, and it was also the biggest margin of defeat in Cardinals franchise history. Guess what? I was there in person, as the game was played in Seattle. It was the 3rd largest margin victory in the modern NFL.

The Seahawks beat the Cardinals 58-0 which was the biggest margin of victory in Seahawks franchise history, and it was also the biggest margin of defeat in Cardinals franchise history. I was there.

The Seahawks beat the Cardinals 58-0 which was the biggest margin of victory in Seahawks franchise history, and it was also the biggest margin of defeat in Cardinals franchise history. I was there at that game in Seattle.

Many fans have joined the Arizona Bandwagon or converted to the #BirdGang since this photo was taken in 1989. Regardless, I stay true to the Seahawks. (Photo by Stephen Dunn/Getty Images)

Many fans have joined the Arizona Bandwagon or converted to the #BirdGang since this photo was taken in 1989. Regardless, I stay true to the Seahawks.
(Photo by Stephen Dunn/Getty Images)

People now a days call me a Seattle bandwagon fan, many not knowing I have a long time relationship with the Seahawks team as I consider myself 12th man. There fans who keep it classy with me, like my cousin Hector Sandoval who is a season ticket holder for the Cardinals since the 1980s who always wishes me and my team well, he knows how long I’ve been a fan. Occasionally, when I’m in Seattle, I’ll wear a red Cardinals hoodie, but the Arizona Cardinals are not my team. I did go to Glendale High School in the city of Glendale Arizona, home of the Glendale Cardinals. I do recall a lot of Cowboys, Raiders, and 49ers fans jump up on that Arizona bandwagon in the 2000s. I don’t hate you or your team, maybe you weren’t old enough to decide for yourself what team to root for, and just because they are not my team don’t mean I won’t cheer for them. In 2008 I rooted for the Arizona Cardinals in the Super Bowl against the Steelers. Yet, becoming an Arizona Cardinals fan now would make me a bandwagon fan.

The Seahawks winning the Super Bowl in 2014 was the pinnacle point for the football team I cheer for. Today, the Seahawks return to the Super Bowl, in my hometown of Glendale Arizona, after hosting an extremely exciting comeback win in overtime against the Green Bay Packers. My friends know how much I hate having facial hair, but I  haven’t shaved since the Seahawks last lost over 9 weeks ago. People say the Seahawks fans are obnoxious, when it comes to our team, and people fail to realize that it’s been years full of pent up frustrations, many of us have been behind a team who has had a bunch of downs and now that we are winning we are all making noise in many ways. We can’t get loud when our team is not performing, but it is beautiful to know the pieces have been coming together as of late. I’ve been a Seahawks fan for a long time, there have been many sad seasons for me, lots of downs and very few ups. I am also critical of my Seahawks, if they lose, no excuses, they just didn’t perform or execute. As they always say “Any given Sunday!”

To think that a Christmas gift when I received that Seahawks Frisbee would start a chain reaction of memories that I still have with me today. Thank you Mom and Dad.

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AL3 and myself in Vegas in 2008 (Courtesy of Christian Audriger Nightclub web site)

 (First wrote this March 22, 2009, I have   since somewhat edited it)

 If you are a fan of DJs, or music, I’m sure you are going to want to read about this guy.

I am a fan and friend of a DJ by the name of  Albert Lineses III, better known as AL3.

What can I say about AL3?

He’s a multiple time National DJ Champion, and DJ Times International DJ Champion and has the world record by mixing for 66 hours live without any sleep, drugs or caffeine, back in 2000, on Labor day weekend. Currently he is the ONLY DJ for the UFC. He also DJs at various clubs in Las Vegas.


The first time you see him, you will notice his big white grin or freshly shaved head, and you will probably mistake him for a Vin Diesel, although his body structure frame is not as large as Vinnie D’s.

I first heard of AL3 when I was a teenager in the 90s when he was often DJ’ing in Phoenix at “Zazoos” or Club Tribeca, which as a teenager I would often try and find a way to get in. He would also spin live on WGN for Thump Dance TV.

I got involved in politics and lost interest of the “nightclub scene” till in 2006 when I returned. I started frequenting locations in which AL3 DJ’d as he always  brought large crowds to pack the clubs, yet there was something about his DJ style that I could not grasp though. He played the regular hit music, yet wherever he went, he lit up crowds, there was certainly something special to it.

I spoke with him from time to time, many times after he would get on the mic and throw a big shout out for me at the clubs. I got some of his cards, and started passing them out at youth conferences I spoke at, many times, these youth would hit me up with emails asking where I discovered his style.

In 2008 I decided to pay him a visit in Vegas, where he was DJ’ing at the Christian Audigier Nightclub on the night of my visit.  So here it was happened. I went to the club around 9pm to find out if I would be allowed with my camera in to the club. The promoter said no for certain P.R. reasons. I was cool with it. So I went to eat since I had not eaten all day and as I was leaving the club, I see AL3 walking on to the Casino Floor. I mean that’s just the aura he carries. I mean, this is Vegas, what are your chances of running in to someone you know, in another city, coincidently without any communication of meeting?

So we briefly talked and I told him I would return.

Later I returned and there was long long line to get in. So as I was waiting in line to get  in, three girls came up behind me and were frustrated.

One of them said, ‘What the hell do I have to do to get in the club right now, show my boobs?’

Another girl said, ‘Let’s go to another club, I don’t think it’s even worth waiting.’

I overhearing the converstaion I quickly responded to both of them, ‘AL3 is here tonight, he is a Multi-National DJ Champion, You have to check him out… It’s going to be worth the wait..’

The third girl responded, ‘How do you know? Are you from here?’

I pulled out one of AL3’s cards from my wallet and handed it to her. I have many of his cards that I often hand to people. I then pointed to the AL3 poster on the wall.

The first girl said to the other, ‘Oh hell no, we are staying here.. we need to check him out.’

AL3 had me on the guest list, but I didn’t mind the wait.

While I was there I gained a bigger appreciation for his style and realized how much I missed watching him spin at the clubs every Friday and Saturday Night in Phoenix on a weekly basis.

At the end of the night, which was 5am, a promoter came up to Al3 and asked how he was able to keep the club packed and interested for so long since other nights at the same club when he is not there it is often dead.

I then overhead AL3 telling this promother about how certain beats of music give off certain vibes of music and that it must be paced and slowly progressed at certain hours of the night. He talked, ‘If you start off too fast, people will get tired of dancing and leave early. Play at a steady pace and people will stay a bit and drink and the bartenders will be happy.’

I was just amazed how he broke DJ’ing down from not only a social emotional aspect that it brings to others, but also how it affects business. It just blew my mind away for him to break those aspects down.

In July 2011, I was going through a tough time in my life and I guess AL3 noticed it because he invited me to lunch. We met up and we talked, and he re-asserted many of my own personal beliefs and gave positive suggestions for my own personal growth. Awesome to know he went out of his way to make time for a friend. Thanks AL3, it is much appreciated.

Check out his FREE DOWNLOADS at and you can also add him on twitter at

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