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Whataburger Log #1137

It is Saturday night and I’m strolling in to Whataburger! If you have never heard of it, let me try and educate you a little bit. It’s a Burger Chain Joint based out of Texas. They have over 700 locations in 10 states. The one, I go to, it’s in Phoenix Arizona, exactly 5.1 miles from where I reside, that is a 13 minute drive. So before, there once use to be several Whataburgers’ locations closer to where I lived. That is no longer the case, so I have to drive much further to get to this location. I am such a regular here that the staff refers to me by first name or with a big excited smile knowing I am back! Marie takes my order, she knows what I’m getting.

The Whataburger Monster!

The Whataburger Monster!

I always order a #2 (Double meat Whataburger), add cheese, extra pickles, extra onions and extra mustard on the bun! I feel those three things help perfectly clash with each other so I can fully savor the meat and the overall meal. The staff never even judges me or gripes about me wanting all the extra stuff. I have to always hold my burger with two hands. I can come in at 3am, (yes, they are opened 24 hours a day) or at 2pm, my burger meat is always cooked fresh,  so this place is legendary in my book. Yes, I said it, LEGENDARY!

The fries, always crisp and golden and not too salty, but enough salt to have with the “Fancy Ketchup” ! I always grab extra “fancy ketchup” here to take home with me.

Onion rings taste sooooooooooooooo good. Add some ranch for 30 some cents, and yep..

Here are the downsides.

1. You have to eat the food right there and then, right away, because it is warm and freshly made. It just does not have the same savor when it is cold.

2. Not one closer to me.

3.  If you Whatasize the Fries, it’s the same size as the large fries! Don’t do it

I have wanted to write to Whataburger Corporate about #3 for a while now, just haven’t got to it. In my personal opinion, I prefer Whataburger over In-and-Out any day.

Anyways, check one out if you ever get the chance to do it.

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