My Love For Carol Danvers, Captain Marvel..


This post is dedicated to Ken Brown, Chris Brown, two individuals who work at “Drawn To Comics” ,a comic shop that I can go in to and talk about Captain Marvel for hours with them, and not seem CRAZY. Thank you to my niece Alexa Aragon, for introducing me to a character I have fallen inlove with, also a big Thank you Chris Claremont, Dave Cockrum,  Kelly Sue Deconnick who have written her as an actual person, Thank you Brian Reed, and all the other writers who have written Carol Danvers and kept her consistent.


“Have you ever seen a little girl run so far she falls down? There’s an instant, a fraction of a second before the world catches hold of her again… A moment when she’s outrun every doubt and fear she’s ever had about herself and she flies. In that one moment, evey little girl flies. I need to find that again. Like taking a car out into the desert to see how fast it can go, I need to find the edge of me… And maybe, if I fly far enough, I’ll be able to turn around and look at the world… And see where I belong.” – Carol Danvers (Captain Marvel), written by Kelly Sue DeConnick

For those who know me, well, they know Carol Danvers Captain Marvel is my favorite comic book super hero, Constantine (DC Comics) comes in 2nd or 3rd, and Moon Knight, well he comes in 3rd or 2nd.. I also love THE PUNISHER, but people always ask me, Who.. CAPTAIN MARVEL? Carol Danvers? Who is that?

In about 2 years, the movie Captain Marvel will come out and Brie Larson is going to be Carol Danvers. Real talk, I want to be in the movie, even if I am an extra getting killed or something in background. Recently, My brother Max asked me why she is my favorite and I was so passionate and excited to tell him but could not find the words to describe what made her such a BAD A$$!


The original Captain Marvel (NOT talking about Shazam Superman Knockoff) was this a solider from the alien Kree race named Mar-Vell. He was a Captain so it was not his nickname, it was also his rank. He had some super powers but it couldn’t stop him from getting cancer, which eventually killed him. Anyways, during on his adventures he met Air Force captain Carol Danvers and something happens and it gave her some super powers, eventually she became Ms. Marvel, oh yeah she lost her powers because that mutant by the name of Rogue took them all. No Ms. Marvel.. no Rogue that can fly.. yes, Rogue from the X-men.. She was once A BAD GUY.. or BAD GIRL.. Rogue sucked all of Ms. Marvel’s powers and now Rogue can fly thanks to Carol Danvers. Danvers eventually became an Avenger, a Starjammer (Binary), joins the Avengers again and became Warbird, then Ms. Marvel and after a while Captain Mar-vell died, and she finally got permitted to become CAPTAIN MARVEL. She’s also joined the Guardians of the Galaxy at one point or another.


Funny because I discovered Carol Danvers, by accident. In 2012, I bought my niece Alexa a comic book, Avenging Spiderman #9 ! This was the 1st time Carol Danvers assumed the role of Captain Marvel. We both didn’t know though. I had told the comic book shop owner Ken that this issue was important because it featured a new character, Robyn Hood. What we both didn’t see until much later was this was the 1st appearance of Carol Danvers as Captain Marvel.

Avenging Spider-Man 009-000

I didn’t think much of it or Captain Marvel, till later Chris Lopez started talking to me about her. Later, Ken got a shipment of Ms. Marvel #1-15 written by Brian Reed and he gave me 1st crack at buying them, I passed not having $ at the time.


As I started reading more and more comic books, I started falling in love with Carol, Ms. Marvel, War Bird, Binary, Captain Marvel and all the other characters she is known as, I said to Ken and some other Comic Book store owners that Carol never really got the credit she deserves and that one day she would. Carol becoming Captain Marvel created a huge change in the comic world and Marvel that no one but Marvel was noticing. Women, young girls were picking up comic books for once. Kelly Sue Deconnick, a woman was writing her comics. A woman writing a woman character, one who understood what it was to be a female and a person. I’m not taking anything away from Brian Reed and Chris Claremont, but. I mean try asking a guy to create makeup for a woman, would a woman buy that makeup? Probably not. She gave the world Carol Danvers prespective through the eyes of a woman, which Carol is and it brought forth a new light of fans.


Fast forward 4 years, and all of a sudden the Carol Danvers character has been cast by an award winning actress for un upcoming Marvel movie to be released in several years. The Marvel Universe is pushing Carol Danvers on comic book readers and fans like no other character. Marvel has made Danvers center stage of the 2nd Civil War currently happening (Summer 2016) in the Marvel world. Oh did I mention that Captain Marvel being a woman has now somewhat allowed other characters to assume the traditional roles other super heroes once had? For example, Thor is NOW A woman, X23 being a woman and taking the current role for Wolverine, Moon Girl suddenly appeared on the scene, Spider Gwen, Silk.. Fearless Defenders being an all woman team which I would say, is a predecessor to A-Force, who is an all woman team as well.


Who is Carol Danvers ? A Google search will tell you her basic powers, origins, yadda yadda. You can read about her adventures with the X-Men, the Star jammers, the Avengers, and all other teams out there, yes, we know! I gave you a quick rundown.

What did I see though?

Danvers is extremely loyal to her friends, her morals show the character in depth, but she also has her “personal demons” that really tell a bigger story, one if you’d pay attention you’d also start loving to root for her.

Danvers has battled sexism, especially during the late 70s. She tried getting a job at the Bugle newspaper and Jonah Jameson made her the editor of the Woman Magazine, even though he doesn’t care much for it. Carol turns that magazine in to a financial success. Later Carol visits her mom, dad, but the visit turns very ugly because her father voices his sexiest ideals, cause Carol to leave. Later Carol, as Ms. Marvel saves her dad, not one, but twice, and he refuses to change his attitude toward women. Her mother who sees through Carol’s disguise tell her not to judge her father too harshly.

Carol battles alcoholism. Does someone ever fully recover from being an alcoholic?

I can’t answer that. Oh yeah.

Carol Danvers gets raped. Yes, SHE GETS RAPED!!

It was a huge hush hush hide that Marvel tried to fix, but they did a poor job at it. Just read Avengers #200 or Google “The Rape of Ms. Marvel”  ! Think of the mentality a person who has been raped constantly has to live with on a daily basis? They deal with it every day, aside from all the other bad and negative things in life that try to shake us, so Carol Danvers dealing with all these insecurities even before having to fight some bad guys, I mean, come on.. I see strength, I see a survivor, not a victim.

Someone on another forum said ” You see, Carol can beat back all the super power threats she wants, but her greatest fights are fights many go through every day.”

I had to agree.

This is the reason she is my favorite, but because she can inspire as she has inspired me. NOW YOU KNOW why I’m team Captain Marvel. Her values, her principles, her ethics, humanity. Carol Danvers, costume or not, she is amazing to me.

One local comic book store owner in Phoenix told me, “You know, she’s the next big thing in Marvel, they are just letting her loose and giving her so much power..” I shook my head and replied.. “No, she’s been here for years, no one has ever really ever paid real attention though..”

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The Martian Invasion that led to a Comic book Collection! Mars Attacks #1-4

Mars Attacks #1 by John Layman and John McCrea

This review is dedicated to Ken Brown from Drawn to Comics who teaches me about comic books, my older sister Viviana Cruz who introduced me to the film ‘Mars Attacks’ in 1996, and all the people in college who I drove insane as I talked to them in “Martian” “nah, nah nah” grunts for several semesters.

When an old college friend mentioned to me that “Mars Attacks” was going to be released monthly as a comic book, I was a little leery how the “Martians” would be portrayed.  I didn’t know if I wanted laugh as Tim Burton had made me crack up with his “Mars Attacks” film in 1996, or if these Martians were going to take a more serious frightening nature as I always envisioned them what they should have been.  I had never bought a comic book in my life, but I had no problem spending $3.99 for a comic to see what it was going to be all about.

Four months later, IDW Publishing, Eisner Award Winners (think of the Oscar award for comic books) John Layman and John McCrea have created not only an awesome comic book, but have turned me in to a new comic book fan. Andrew Elder adds a superb coloring to their art and storyline that brings an entire comic alive.  No longer am I laughing at Tim Burton’s portrayal of Martians.

The first issue of Mars Attacks, known as ‘Mars Attacks #1,’ was released in June 2012. People who buy the comic are quick to learn that there are over 55 different variations of artwork of the cover. These cover variations are based off the original Topps ‘Mars Attacks’ cards released in 1962. I mean these cards could have been our parents, or grandparents’ first Pokémon cards!

So back to the 1st issue, like all 1st issues, this is basically a quick set up and basis of the story. Readers learn how Zar the Martian, yes he has a name, who would later become General Zar, would crash land on Earth in 1962, after his ship bumps with what then is Astronaut Spencer’s space capsule which is orbiting the planet. Zar is found unconscious by two human individuals who tie him up and then sell him to a carny. The Carny somehow frames Zar for murder as a human tries to set Zar free. Up until this point, I actually felt a ‘saddened I feel sorry for you Zar’ emotion. Zar is cut (which would later turn in to a scar) and then escapes after he witness his Martian friends being killed. Issue #1 ends with Zar vowing revenge upon humans. .

In Mars Attacks #2, now Senator Spencer who 50 years earlier, saw Zar’s Flying Saucer bump his space capsule is visiting the US President to discuss a SETI bill, which Senator Spencer has sponsored. Martians disguised as humans attempt to assassinate The President, but The President is saved by Senator Spencer. As the President is being escorted to safety by The Secret Service, he looks outside to see destruction and the invasion by the Martians has already begun.

In Mars Attacks #3, The Martian invasion is in effect as readers learn at the end of #2. Oversized insects created and controlled by Martians are attacking humans. Sidney Rose, owner of a flea circus who was present at the Carnival were Zar was framed 50 years earlier is the main character of this story. Sidney Rose witnessed firsthand how Zar’s Martian friends killed innocent people.  Sidney discovers how the Martians enlarged the insects when he finds an injured solider. The injured solider tells Sidney to get the canister to the Army Lab. After the solider passes on, Sidney applies what was in the canister to his loyal flea circus, which grow to Godzilla like sizes and in turn takes the fight to The Martians.

Mars Attack #4 is a very unique story. Readers are given a flashback of Martians visiting various cultures throughout human history and always with conflict between both sides. The main story focuses on An Aztec Warrior by the name of Xiuhcoatl (translation ‘Fire Serpent’ in Nahua, language spoken by the Aztecs). Xiuhcoatl is taken prisoner and would awaken 350 years later on General Zar’s mother ship in space. On board, Xiuhcoatl is put in a confined room with humans from all eras and cultures of human history. All the humans are slowly poked, prodded and experimented on, later to be killed except for him and a Civil War solider. The Civil War Solider can’t verbally communicate with Xiuhcoatl, but both plan to fight back and make an escape. The solider says how it is sad that during the Civil War, Men are fighting Men, but if they knew what they were facing, they would put away their differences and unite to fight the common threat to humanity. As they escape, one of these two individuals  sacrifices himself, the other escapes in General Zar’s personal command craft (not the mother ship) This infuriates General Zar’s pride as he decides to defy his Martian command to stay in space by personally going to Earth to retrieve his craft and kill humans himself. I mean I’d be mad too and go chase after someone if they stole my car, wouldn’t you? The individual who escapes crash lands on Earth and is discovered by Sidney Rose, owner of the Flea circus.

What can I say? I am anxious to read issue #5 since all four separate tales are starting to gel together, and the entire story has got me boiling to find out what’s going to happen next for humanity. Throughout these four comics, I was able to relate to the emotions felt by a majority of the characters, even the Martians, if they have any. John Layman and John McCrea successfully took me on a roller coaster ride of emotions. I won’t lie, their Martian Invasion has created a comic book collection.

I asked writer John Layman over twitter if he would ever consider a crossover of Mars Attacks and Batman, since other individuals have taught me that Layman does write for other companies like DC, mainly for the Masked Caped Crusader from Gotham, Batman, but he responded. ‘Not a chance,’ but I clearly can envision Batman taking the fight around Gotham to the Martians, but a simple quick marriage and divorce between IDW and DC characters is not going to happen.

So what will IDW Publishing do next?

Comic fans can anticipate and take part in several other battles against The Greenies, as I have started to call them. Every week, in January 2013, Mars Attacks will crossover with other popular IDW comics. The first week, on January 2nd, Mars Attacks everyone’s favorite spinach eating sailor, Popeye. I guess the Greenies are no fan of Spinach.

A week later, on January 9th, Mars Attacks KISS (yes KISS, the rock band) in a retelling of KISS’s first comic issue. I guess these Greenies don’t like Rock and Roll either.

On January 16, Mars Attacks the Real Ghostbusters . I guess the Greenies are jealous of Slimmer and don’t want him to be the only green menace around, but how will ‘Proton Packs’ fair against aliens?

The battle that takes place the week after, on January 23, IDW Publishing will release Mars Attacks The Transformers. I hope Optimus Prime and the Auto-bots are up to the challenge. Following the battle on Cybertron, Mars Attacks Zombies vs. Robots on January 30. Not sure what that will entail. Aside from all the crossovers, I heard a rumor, yes, only a rumor, that there will be various special limited edition covers like Mars Attacks Chew, Mars Attacks Judge Dredd, Mars Attacks Cerebus and more.

Who knows, Mars Attacks Batman may someday take place.

For updates on the latest information on the Mars Attacks invasion,

Follow @RealMarsAttacks on twitter

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