About the author izofice (CRUZZER)

People call him Cruzzer, because he is always on the move doing something. Raised in the Six Two Three A to the Z (Arizona) and everything in between, he is often searching for adventure. He is a true chameleon that can really blend in to any tribe, yet he claims he does not belong to any specific tribe, he loves to write about people he meets on his daily adventures, some people or adventures you probably will never know about, but I’m sure if he ever met you on the bus or at the store, you can bet he is going to write about you someday.  Familia and Cultura (Family and Culture) are important to him.

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One thought on “About the author izofice (CRUZZER)

  1. While I was reading your beautiful tribute to my son, Johnny Salcido aka j2guns, I felt as if I was there,from when you first met, to watching soap opera, to the Saddle Ranch, you described him to a T. I cried and was enormously filled with joy all at the same time. We(family&friends) “Thank You”. And as Johnny said “Gabe, keep doing what you are doing, keep your head straight and one day we will be calling you Governor Cruz”… Much Love from all of us, Sally aka Mom

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