Cruzzer’s Carol Danvers Keys Checklist

I had a paradoxical emotions going through me as I was putting this together, because I had so much passion and fun writing it, yet I knew I could not make any mistakes on it, because so many people ask me questions about the character. I knew I had to raise the bar not just for myself, but others as well to gain some credibility among those who come to me asking about Captain Marvel and really give me some legitimacy on how much I love this super hero. I am glad that so many people love how good the article/list is. There were several times I forgot to hit “Save” while typing it out. Finally I got it right, somewhat


Until the last several years, Carol Danvers for a long time has been somewhat of a background individual as far as the main players in the Marvel Universe. In the 70s, she had a solo title as the super hero Ms. Marvel, who was also pushed in and out of the Avengers often. Now she has become one of the centers characters in The Marvel Universe. 20 months from now, (March 2019) Captain Marvel (Carol Danvers) will be debuting on movie theater screens all around the world as part of Phase Three in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. I am going to give CHU readers a quick run-down of Carol Danvers books of key books, some which you should start seeking out NOW before they are out of reach. As many can tell, I left many issues from the 1990s  and Civil War II from this list.

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